Community Season 4 Review “Conventions of Space & Time”

Community returned this evening with the third episode of it’s somewhat polarizing fourth season, as our study group makes their way to an Inspector Spacetime convention! After hearing about this ridiculous show for the last few years, it was great to finally see some other fans besides just Troy and Abed!

The opening scene tonight was pretty fun, with Britta making a stealthy and acrobatic escape from Troy’s bedroom, but it felt like it was something out of a completely different show. From all of theCommunity fans I’ve heard from so far this season, it seems like half of them are absolutely hating the fourth season while half of them are still holding out hope. While I wouldn’t say I’m hating this seasonat all, it’s goofy scenes like this one that really remind me that I’m watching a show with a new creative team behind it.



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