Elementary Season 1 Possibility Two Review – Welcome to the Party, Watson!

Last week on Elementary, Watson and Holmes decided to start their "new" relationship. That is, Watson is no longer staying with Sherlock because she has to – she’s staying with him because she’s now a detective… and, you know, she and Sherlock sort of like each other.

I love this turn in the partner’s relationship and think that this is the best move for Elementary as a whole. To have Watson join Sherlock for reasons other than wanting to heal him and make sure that he doesn’t relapse was the best way to move forward with their story. Watson needed to stay because she wanted to stay – not because she felt that Sherlock would relapse without her.

I do hope that at no point will Watson and Sherlock become romantically involved for a few reasons. 1.) The relationship that they currently have is based on mutual respect for each of their professions. 2.) Romance just makes things even more difficult and ridiculous, and Watson doesn’t need to be turned into just another hot girl in a tv show.



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