Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Review “This is Why We Fight” – Smile, Jackson. Your mom just bought you a hospital!

The saga over Seattle Grace’s fate continued this week on Grey’s Anatomy. Whether she’s acting,directing or choreographing, I believe that a little Debbie Allen makes everything better. Let’s run down the events before Catherine’s pillow talk with Richard led to her grand moment at the episode’s end:

– Team McDreamies (Derek, Mer, Calzona and Cristina) busted their asses trying to find a proverbial Daddy Warbucks to invest $175 million in their mission to save Seattle Grace.

– The finally find a potential investor, who is hesitant to invest in the hospital because of their collective lack of administrative experience. Hey, the guy didn’t get rich off of luck.

– The team (finally) pulls Richard in on the plan and unsurprisingly, he impresses Mr. Deep Pockets. Unfortunately, not even Richard was enough to win over the new investor who declined the opportunity because he "wasn’t feeling it." It’s a shame his crappy response wasn’t rewarded with a nice swift kick in the nuts or punch to the face. Oh well. No time for that.



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