Being Human (UK) Series 5 Review “The Greater Good” — Honolulu Heights Gets New House Guests

This week on Being Human a vampire and a werewolf came to stay at Honolulu Heights. The premise of ‘The Greater Good’ doesn’t sound all that dissimilar from last week, and yet the two episodes couldn’t have been more different.

Rook asking Hal to ‘deal’ with Crumb was a nice follow on from the end of last week’s episode. Alex and Tom still don’t know about Hal’s little slip up (if you can call a dead werewolf a ‘slip up’), and so went into the events that followed thinking Hal owned Rook a favour after the initial Cram/Crumb clean up. A little more protest from Alex and Tom about having two vampires and a werewolf dumped on them would have been nice, but it’s a small complaint.



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