American Idol Recap: Somebodies That We Used to Know

Hollywood Week continues! Or, really: Hollywood Week stops, rewinds, and replays last week’s episodes. You see, they have broken up the boys and the girls this year, so now we have to endure the drama and emotion of the solo round, the group round, and the other solo round all over again. And also the thing where the kids walk into their hotel rooms for the first time and leap excitedly onto their beds. Why do these people do this? Do they normally sleep on hay?  

The judges tell us the same thing they did last week, which is that this is going to be hard and the singers betta bring it and all the boilerplate judge stuff. They seem to have spent about six hours lighting Mariah for her candid street interview. And she says "dahling" a million times. Mariah is getting desperate for a personal brand, and she seems to have settled on "distracted rich person." Read More...


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