Parks and Recreation Review: Cats are Stupid and Useless

Even though the end of tonight's "Emergency Response," was perfect and centered around Leslie and Ben, the true MVP of this episode is Ron Swanson. And truth be told, he's kind of the MVP of every episode that's ever been on. He is the true constant on this series, always serving up winning lines and being the most consistent character.

The weakest parts of this episode were centered around the disaster drill, although I did enjoy some of the Animal Control lines about killing all the birds. The animal jokes in this episode were great overall. But I was more interested in watching the gala come together. And couldn't have been happier when Joan Callamezzo was rendered incapacitated and Ron was forced to take over the show. It's quite clear Ron is capable of anything, but his television personality, which is no different than his regular personality, was perfection. If I had to choose between seeing Ron on television taking calls and Duke Silver performing, my hands would be tied. Read More...


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