'Glee' Recap: 'I Do'

This week, the fallout from the infamous Finn/Emma kiss is worse than Finn could possibly imagine (or so he believes). But love is in the air for the past and present kids of McKinley, who pair up in ways both foreseeable and surprising.

Finn and Rachel meet up at the Lima Bean for the requisite exes’ coffee date, and he tells her about the kiss. She advises him—Will’s best man, mind—to keep his mouth shut, and Emma, in wedding-planning meltdown mode, seconds the request.

Schue suspects nothing, and he gives the club a very personal weekly assignment: Wedding!!! He asks Finn to sing his best man speech, and names the rest of the club his wedding band. Oy. Not even on her wedding day can Emma outshine Schue’s band of singing children. We’d like to hear what Sue Sylvester has to say about that. Read More...



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