200th episode

Nothing could make this episode worth watching. Poorly written, poor acting, and Mr Friedkin should retire. The 30 seconds of the long-term cast can not do justice to this once great show when we have Fishburne/Langston taking up all the screen time.

Plleeezzzeee--get back to the basics or turn in a final call to put an end to this slow downward slide of the #1 scripted show on television.

Mexican wrestling, cardboard characters, a temper tantrum by Langston can not replace what we once saw as an exciting hour of televsion!

Thank goodness for SPIKE-Tv reruns!


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Apr 6, 2009 1:00PM EDT

Okay, granted this particular episode wasn't the best, but the program itself is not as bad as it is made out to be here. I was skeptical about the Langston character at first, but now I actually like him. He is still in no way a replacement for Gil Grissom (who will always remain my favorite character out of all three of the CSI shows), but he does add his own unique style.
If we count Captain Brass and Doc Robbins along with Catherine, Nick, and Greg, more than half the original cast still remains. And as long as there is still a great cast and interesting cases (in my opinion), I feel it would be nice if they could do one more season to make it an even ten. This is a show that spawned two spin-offs (well, I guess technically NY is a spin-off of Miami), got people interested in science, and basically started a trend in modern TV programming (as there have been a number of CSI "wannabe" shows that popped up). I'm not going to give up on it over one not-so-great episode.

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