'The Walking Dead' Season 3 episode 10 recap: 'Home'

The bookends of this week's "The Walking Dead" were so phenomenal that much of what happened in between couldn't help feeling underwhelming by comparison, but taken as a whole, "Home" fits perfectly into the exceptional framework of Season 3.The hour opened with an incredible four minute dialogue-free sequence of Rick on lookout duty and having another vision of Lori. In a masterful display of narrative economy and silent, emotion-driven storytelling we quickly surmised that Michonne has set up camp in an overturned prison bus just outside the main cell block where everyone else is staying. That made her the only witness to Rick's odd behavior.The vision of Lori lured Rick first to the graveyard and then outside the prison fences, where he finally was able to experience what he's been longing for: Lori's touch. (The presence of Sarah Wayne Callies in the flesh and clear as day -- as opposed to her shadowed and shrouded...



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