Being Human Review: Beware The Trojan Horse

It's been a while since the title was so apt, but "What's Blood Got To Do With It" couldn't have been more perfect, especially when the many allusions to blood during the episode kept the real twist hidden at the end. Nora was missing from the episode completely, leaving Josh to try to deal with what turned out to be a situation well out of his control. Aidan was at the center of the hour, with Sally providing some thrills of her own.

The lovely thing about Aidan being over 200 years old is every time he meets someone new and wants to share a slice of his life story, he can bring Bishop back to life for us, if only on the screen. He's alluded to the war and when he was turned many times before, but there is always more color to the story each time he talks about it. And more Bishop. All hail Mark Pellegrino! Read More...


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