'Cult' review: One crazy, twisted, possibly brilliant head-trip

Billy Grimm is watching. And you should probably watch "Cult" too.This new and very original series premieres on The CW on Tuesday, Feb. 19. It's worth a chance, especially if you're the type who gets bored by the standard show on television. Because if nothing else, "Cult" is as original as they come.What is "Cult"? While difficult to explain, the story is deceptively simple. There is a TV show (also called "Cult") which has low ratings and a passionate -- possibly obsessed -- fan base. These fans may, in fact, be committing crimes in the name of their beloved show. The result is a head trip through realities in realities where nothing is as it seems. It's pretty cool.The series comes from Rockne S. O'Bannon, the fan-beloved creator of "Farscape," and definitely owes some of its obsessive-fan theme to that earlier project (for the record, O'Bannon professes great love for "Farscape" fans and just...



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