The Following Recap: Too Slow, Hardy. Too Slow.

This week, we learn that Joe Carroll doesn’t just have his loyal followers working for him on the outside; there are also those who are doing it against their will. He arranges a meeting with his lawyer, whose not thrilled about it. In flashbacks, she’s all pulled together and ambitious, but in present day, she just looks freaked out. He tells her that she owes him some favors because of how much his trial helped her career and that she’s going to have a very busy day. Her first task is to read a quote on television. Our gang at FBI headquarters watch it live. "It’s Poe," says rookie detective Weston. Such a sharp one, that guy. Hardy nods. He was about to say the same thing, just a second later. I do wish just once this show would throw in a Shel Silverstein quote or something to make sure we’re paying attention. Read More...


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