Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki talk 'Supernatural': Will Sam's trials test his relationship with Dean?

For several seasons, "Supernatural" boys Sam and Dean Winchester have had a troubled relationship. At one point, they seemed destined to go down fighting on opposite sides of the war between Heaven and Hell, but after countless fights and deep betrayals, they've emerged once again as brothers with a common goal. In last week's episode, "Trial and Error," they seemed closer than ever as Dean confessed that he dreams of a happy future for Sam and Sam swore that he believed in Dean's ability to live through their latest battle.It was quite touching, really. But can they continue to see eye-to-eye as Sam faces the trials from God in his attempt to close the gates of hell for good? Jared Padalecki tells us that there's a potential for the trials to cause a little bit of trouble between them, because once again, Sam and Dean aren't being entirely honest with each other. (It's the Winchester...


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