Vegas Review: Not So Good For the Soul

Sometimes confessions are good for the soul and sometimes they are just soul crushing. In "Two of a Kind" Jack Lamb's was a little bit of both.

How far Jack was willing to go to keep his secret quickly became clear when Savino pushed too far.  Not even the fear of a murder rap or losing the love of his life could get Jack to agree to be under Savino's thumb.  Vince simply pushed the law man one step too far.

I was kind of disappointed in Jack's confession to Mia.  It was too short and lacked drama. He should have explained how he was lured out and captured, not to mention shown her the burns from the cattle prod. I know Mia needed time to digest such horrifying information but it felt like Jack gave her too little of the story for her to truly understand what he went through. Read More...


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