The Mindy Project Recap: One Minute to Save the World

Mindy wants to save the world one "Women’s Health Minute" in New York City taxis at a time — too bad we all hate Taxi TV and turn it off as soon as we slide into the backseat of a cab! Though if real Taxi TV were this fun — yes, that is Mindy Kaling in a half-Wilfred, half-Rolf from The Muppet Show getup, offering women’s health advice along with a hand puppet — we’d stay tuned in.

Basically, this episode (directed by Kaling’s Office co-worker, and love of last episode, B.J. Novak!) proved that in any episode less epic than, say, the pilot, or the Christmas party, or Valentine’s Day two weeks ago, the simpler the plot the better. It felt like the ship had been righted by the When Harry Met Sally … homage of the last few episodes, which, given the rom-com-loving and/or -hating premise of this show, makes total sense. This week marked a significant chill-out from all that romance with a straightforward madcap story line, but it did so in a way that finally seemed right. The more workday episodes have been a constant struggle, and this finally stuck the landing with nary a B plot interference (there was the bit with the return of the older nurse turned secretary, but it wasn’t much of a nuisance) nor an awkward use of poor Dr. Jeremy. It seems he’s best when just standing to the side and saying things in British. Read More...


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