'Survivor: Caramoan': Shamar makes friends, Brandon and Phillip keep with the crazy

On the latest "Survivor: Caramoan" episode, well, a lot of people are pretty unlikable.Post TribalDawn is trying to make peace with Brandon about voting Francesca out. Hantz is acting like sending Fran home as the first person out twice is akin to stabbing her to death or something. Let's not be so melodramatic. Also, the honey badger joke might have been funny like two years ago. Is the internet behind where he lives?Weirdly, Dawn starts crying. I love Dawn, but Brandon wasn't that mean to her. Was there more to it that we didn't get to see? He was just being stupid old Hantz, it's the kind of stuff you snicker about as he walks away.Later, Hantz is feeling "revengeful" and wants to go Russell Hantz on them, which -- good luck with that. We know Russell Hantz and you, sir, are no Russell Hantz. Especially if your partner in crime is doofy Erik.GotaThe newbies...



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