Arrow Review: Felicity Gets Collared

I'm going to have to make a request to Arrow to stop naming their episodes after the occasional bad guy that pops up. Just because a well-known face graces the production doesn't mean it's enough to pen the hour with a moniker in their honor, and "Dodger" was no exception. Dodger was really the least interesting part of the episode. Let's check it out!

Moira reached out to a man, Frank, who Robert confided in before he was killed. They talked about some pretty interesting things, including Frank asking if she wanted out because of what happened to Walter (we later learned Walter is still alive - finally), and Moira admitting they got into "this" to clean up The Glades, not lay waste to it. There's definitely not a lot of information forthcoming, but what was seemed to reveal that she and Robert were heading in the same direction as Oliver is with his list. Read More...


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