The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: Andrea, Wake Up! Tyreese at Least Picked a Side

WALKING DEAD SPOILERS AHEAD! Stop reading if you haven’t seen "I Ain't a Judas," which aired Sunday, February 24 on AMC.

These fools are making it too easy for The Governor. The guy was literally left sleeping comfortably in his bed at the end of The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11, "I Ain't a Judas," despite having attacked the prison on Episode 10, killing Axel and leaving walkers to roam the grounds.

Andrea didn’t stop him. Andrea was all over Episode 11 but what did she get done? Nothing. She listened to both sides — with Team Prison giving her a chilly welcome and The Governor lying about being attacked first. Carol suggested she take action, having sexy time with The Gov then slitting his throat. (Side note: Hell yeah, Carol, you keep talking that nasty talk!) But Andrea got close with her knife, then backed off. Like when Michonne was close to killing The Gov and Andrea made her back off. Andrea. Getting in the way again. Andrea. Waffling in the middle. Andrea. Making people hate her by pretending this is an opportunity for peace talks instead of a war her boyfriend started.

If Andrea really wants to stop the bloodshed she has to stop the guy behind it all. She knows the prison group isn’t bloodthirsty — they only went to Woodbury to save Maggie and Glenn — and she knows her man (this guy she just met!) is a sneaky liar who gets off on fights to the death. If she can’t do the deed herself, she should at least pick a side and fight with them instead of pretending she can float in the middle and get Rick and The Gov to shake hands and walk away.

Tyreese, on the other hand, ended up backing Team Woodbury (not that we expect that to last...) thanks to crazy Rick having his vision of Lori right when he was about to accept Tyreese’s group into the prison. That scared them away, into the arms of Woodbury. The Gov played his Nice Guy act and pulled it off. If only Hershel were in charge at the prison, maybe they could be more Good Cop and not push people away. Or maybe Michonne should be in charge, since she SERVED Andrea big time this week. Michonne, you are finally saying words and they are good ones. Thank you.

Read on for a full recap of Episode 11:

There’s a Team Prison debate on the subject. Merle tells them they should be afraid of The Governor. He was just ringing the doorbell last week. He has the guns and the numbers. He could just starve them out if he wanted. Hershel wants to leave. Rick starts to walk away and Hershel shouts "GET BACK HERE! You’re slipping, Rick." They’ve all seen it. He once said it’s not a democracy, so now he has to own up to that. "Get your head clear and do something." Whew! Why can’t Hershel take charge like that all the time?

Carl approaches his father and tells him he should stop being the leader. Hershel and Daryl can take it from here. Gold watch and pension. Go find a rocking chair. Play some shuffleboard.

The Governor and Milton discuss how many people are in Woodbury, including boys and girls 13 and over since, as The Gov puts it, adolescence is a 20th century invention. Total sweetheart.

Andrea confronts The Governor about the prison. The Gov said he just went to negotiate (ha) and the prison group shot at them (ha ha). "They’re bloodthirsty." His nose is growing and his pants are on fire. Andrea said she’s sick of the lies. She’s going to see the prison people. She asks to borrow a car. He says if she goes to the prison she stays there. Sounds like a great deal. Meanwhile, Woodbury is gearing up for war. Andrea confronts Martinez when he tries to get a 14-year-old boy named Noah to fight.

Andrea: "Who’s talking about fighting? You’re supposed to be teaching people to defend themselves, not raising an army."
Martinez: "Wake up. The only way to defend ourselves is with an army."

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    Glenn calls Merle "a snake in the nest" and Daryl says Merle is staying there so get used to it. Rick said he can’t kick Merle out. Hershel said Merle has military experience. He may be erratic, but he’s loyal to his brother. Glenn wants to use Merle as a bargaining chip. Can’t blame Glenn for wanting to be rid of him. Merle has done as much harm to this group as The Gov.

    Hershel talks to Merle about losing his leg. Rick saved his life. He also breaks out a Bible. They quote passages at each other. "Woodbury had a damn fine library. One of the only things I miss about it." Then he warns Hershel, when The Gov returns, he’s going to kill Merle first, then Michonne and Daryl, then the girls, Glenn, Carl, the baby. He’ll save Rick for last. Ray of sunshine, Merle is.

    She’s glad he’s back "home." This is a "tomb" he says. That’s what T-Dog called it. She thought he was right until Daryl found her. (Aww!) Then she segues into warning him about Merle. "He’s your brother but he’s not good for you. Don’t let him bring you down. After all, look how far you’ve come."

    She believes that Milton didn’t know about the prison. She wants him to cover her when she goes to the prison. She doesn’t want The Gov to know and she expects him to help. How would Milton even be of any help to cover her? He sees it as a betrayal. She sees it as an attempt to stop this before more people get killed.

    Andrea, this is why you need to wake up. The Governor is the Boston Rob of Woodbury. Gov checks out his eye in the mirror and puts on a funky eyepatch. Milton tells him about Andrea’s plan. The Gov tells Milton to help Andrea. Why?

    In the woods, Andrea and Milton chop up a poor undead guy’s limbs to turn him into walker repellent, like Michonne’s old "pets." It’s zombie torture!Then they meet Tyreese, who helps them kill walkers. He and his group were wandering through these same heavily-trafficked woods. Milton tells them there are 70 people in their town of Woodbury. He volunteers to take Tyreese and his group back to Woodbury, since they’re still in the market for a new safe haven. How many other people are in these woods? Andrea should just pitch a tent out there, in the middle of the two camps, since she can’t seem to pick a side.

    Funny how people who are outnumbered always try to make nice. He comes upon Michonne as she’s doing crunches and pushups. "Don’t leave out the cardio," Merle quips. He wants to clear the air. Hunting her down was just business.

    Merle:  "Carrying out orders."
    Michonne: "Like the Gestapo."
    Merle: "Yeah. Exactly."

    Yeah, no big deal, right? Hope we can get past that whole I tried to kill you thing.

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  • ANDREA IS NOT EXACTLY WELCOME AT THE PRISONMaggie and Carl see her arriving and run to tell the others. This will be their first reunion since the end of Season 2. When they just assumed she was dead and moved on without her. Michonne saved her life, so she owes Michonne, but the other guys really owe her an apology. Instead, they act like Merle is part of the team and Andrea is the enemy. Rick screams "Are you alone?" She can’t understand why she’s being treated so roughly. Team Prison is a little too Bad Cop. They’re letting Woodbury play Good Cop. Bad strategy, especially when Michonne is the only one who has a right to blame her. At least Carol hugs her. Andrea saved Carol’s life on the Season 2 finale. "Where’s Shane?" Oh, yeah. She’s missed a lot. "And Lori?" Andrea catches up on all the departed. They are silent and cold to her. "I’m not an enemy, Rick." He tells her they had the field and courtyard until her boyfriend tore down the fence with a truck and shot them up. He said they fired first. Andrea says she didn’t know anything about that. As soon as she found out she came. She doesn’t understand why she’s the odd man out. She points at Merle. Isn’t he the one who kidnapped and beat you, Glenn? It’s true. She can’t excuse what "Philip" has done but she’s trying to bring them together. "We have to work this out." Rick said there’s nothing to work out. They’re going to kill him. "There is room at Woodbury for all of you," Andrea said. Merle said she knows better than that. The Governor is gearing up for war. They’re terrified and training to attack. They see the prison group as killers.

    Daryl: "Tell you what. Next time you see Philip you tell him I’m gonna take his other eye."
    Glenn: "We’ve taken too much shit for too long. If he wants a war he’s got one."

    Andrea said if Rick doesn’t try to sit down and talk it out, she doesn’t know what will happen. The Gov has a whole town. Rick wants her to get them inside Woodbury. She said no. There are innocent people in there. That doesn’t mean they have to die. They can do a special ops thing just to get The Gov. No one else has to get hurt, or at least not die. The prison group has smaller numbers, but they are more experienced and skilled. 


    She tells Michonne she "poisoned" the group. Michonne says she just told them the truth. True.

    Andrea: "I didn’t choose him over you. I wanted a life. Once we entered Woodbury you became hostile."
    Michonne: "That’s ‘cause I could see it."
    Andrea: "See what?"
    Michonne: "That you were under his spell the second you laid eyes on him."

    YES! Andrea said she’s not under his spell, she’s trying to save the people of Woodbury. Best line of the season:

    Michonne: "I did not realize the messiah complex was contagious."

    ZING! Andrea chose "a warm bed over a friend." And now she knows The Gov sent Merle after Michonne to kill her. Can you believe Andrea told Michonne to go to hell? Andrea is lucky no one has shot her yet.

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    They tell him about the "whackjob" at the prison. Rick is a little unhinged, but the others seem decent, Tyreese said. The Gov said they couldn’t ask Tyreese’s group to join their fight. But the group will do whatever they can to prove their worth, just like they offered the prison group. The Gov uses a much softer approach. Milton wants a layout of the prison. The Gov said they can stay in Woodbury as long as they’d like. Ugh. 

    Andrea holds the baby, as Carol catches her up on Shane trying to kill Rick and Rick having to do the job himself. "Shane loved Rick." "Shane loved Lori." Carol makes her pitch: She wants Andrea to do something to stop The Gov. "You need to sleep with him. Give him the greatest night of his life. Get him to drop his guard and when he’s sleeping you can end this." The black widow approach. GO CAROL. She shouldn’t have to sleep with a murderer, if she’s not into him anymore. Unfortunately, it sounds like maybe she still is. They send Andrea off from her day trip. Rick gives her a knife. Tells her to be careful. 

    They make her put her hands up, too, as she approaches the wall. There’s a war on and she’s trying to play both sides. Andrea tells The Gov she went to the prison. "They’re broken. Living in horrible conditions." He asks if Michonne and Merle are there. Yes, Andrea said. Rick? Yes. He didn’t send her back there. It was her own call. Why? She says nothing, so he goes over to her and touches her cheek. "‘Cause you belong here." They hug and kiss. What is she thinking? Does she still love him or is she just going along with Carol’s plan? What is he thinking? Why did he take her back? Does he trust her? Is it his ego that accepted her back? The idea that "Oh, she came back because she can't stay away from this hotness?"

    Beth would totally be trying out for American Idol if the world hadn’t ended. So now she entertains the prison. Nice acoustics in the prison, anyway, and the baby seems to be into it. "Some reunion, huh?" Daryl tells Hershel and Rick. Hershel says Andrea is persuasive (oh, really?) and The Gov is armed to the teeth, hell-bent on destruction. Rick wants to match it. He’s going to go on a run. Daryl can’t go — he has to keep an eye on Merle. If Merle causes a problem, it’s on Daryl. Rick will take Michonne and Carl. Interesting choices.

    So she slept with him (again) for nothing? She’s too close to him to slice his throat. Maybe shoot him from afar, or just help someone else do it? She just can’t seem to make a decision. Ugh. Andrea.


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