2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And Not-so-sweet Charity”

On this episode of "2 Broke Girls," entitled "And the Not-so-sweet Charity," the girls saw their dreams come crashing down, when they were given a warning of eviction at the cupcake shop after not paying their rent one-too-many times. As if that weren’t bad enough, a local real estate agent announced that they were buying up all the stores in the area for a new Whole Foods, and either they accepted a check for $25,000 or came up with the money for six months in advance to stay at a higher rent price. Safe to say, things were not looking up for our girls.

Caroline: "We can’t just give it up that easy."
Max: "I can and have and will again."

Caroline decided to call in a favor from a family member that she’d been hoping to avoid, her Aunt Charity (TV-regular Missi Pyle, perfectly-cast), hence the title. It seems Charity had long-since hated Caroline because she’d accused Charity of breaking her beloved seagull-adorned coffee mug and pulling her hair when she was a child. Caroline wasn’t exactly a huge fan of hers, either, but as Charity was the one family member who still had money, it was in her favor to suck it up and try, or else the cupcake shop was going down in flames. Max agreed and encouraged her as only she can.


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