Being Human Season 3 Review “One is Silver and the Other Pagan”

On the latest "Being Human," we pick up right where we left off, with Aidan seemingly about to be staked by Erin after she tainted his blood with her own, in "One is Silver and the Other Pagan." At the last moment, Aidan being one of the leads and all, delivers a swift kick to Wolfgirl and its lights out. Had he killed her? Not quite, but damned close.

Meanwhile, Liam speeds to the apartment, but before he gets there, Josh walks up and he has to bail under the circumstances. Josh nonetheless eventually figures out that Liam had to have turned Erin against Aidan because it’s the only thing that makes sense- not that he has any proof. This unfortunately makes it a hard sell for Nora, who should know better, but still has serious trust issues with Aidan.


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