The Biggest Loser Season 14 Review “Face Your Fears”

As indicated by the title of the episode, The Biggest Loser contestants faced their fears this week. After Francelina’s departure, Alison lead the group outside for a cinder block stacking challenge. Thecontestants had to stack cinder blocks in front of pictures any contestant except their own. The last contestant with an uncovered picture would leave the ranch.

As a reward for her complaining and often distracting behavior, Gina received the reward of becoming the target of her fellow contestants. Things went according to plan until Jackson asked everyone to stop stacking blocks in front of his picture. He was ready to face his fear of not being able to lose weight on his own at home. Jeff ignored Jackson’s plea and continued to try protecting him. It was a tight race, but Jackson got his wish. As a "parting gift" he was told to select another contestant to leave the ranch with him. Jeff volunteered and the two were gone.


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