Monday Mornings Season 1 Review “Knives Over Forks” — Do You Have Honour?

In ‘Forks Over Knives’, Monday Mornings tackled God, obsessive compulsive disorder (and the ethical dilemmas these entail), love and marriage. As usual, it did none of this well.

The God part of this episode looked to be quite interesting: a fifteen-year-old girl was injured when her horse kicked her and while the treatment she needed was simple enough — blood needed to be drained out of her chest cavity — her Christian Scientist religion forbade any medical intervention. How would they convince the parents to let them do the procedure? Would the girl have to overrule the parents, or the parents overrule the girl? Nope, Gato does the procedure without telling them, leaving the family to think it was divine intervention. The girl comes back at the end to tell him that she knowsand to lament about her lost religion, and Gato makes it all better by saying he and God ‘tag teamed’ her this time. (I’m hoping the writers of this episode didn’t realise alternate meanings of ‘to tag team’ someone because ick.)


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