Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “Where I Lead” – End of the Innocence

Sometimes I really hate being right and unfortunately I was proven right about Wade in "Where I Lead," this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie. Honestly though…it doesn’t feel good. I didn’t want to be right; I didn’t want him to have actually slept with the chick he sauntered off with after last week’s failure at the Battle of the Bands. I just had a sick feeling that he did, and…well…yeah. Being right can sure suck.

I can’t condone cheating. What Wade did was wrong in every sense, and flat-out lying about it to Zoe only made it worse, but to his credit he did acknowledge just how badly he’d screwed up. He didn’t try to blame her or make her feel like she drove him to it. When the truth finally came out, or I should say when Zoe put the pieces together and listened to her gut, Wade didn’t try to weasel his way out of it, even though it did mean that he lost Zoe’s trust and her heart.


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