'Suits' Season 2 finale recap: The legal battles end, but the 'War' is just beginning

After a year of catastrophe and intrigue, where is a show like "Suits" to go? The Season 2 finale, "War," has the answer. And it is a war. Unfortunately, these lawyers may have entered into a war for which there can be no true victor. Everyone fights, and everyone loses something. Friendships, trust, dreams and wagers are all lost over the course of a single episode. The few small victories of "War" may not be worth the price.However, all of this loss means one thing for us viewers -- this is one incredible season finale for "Suits"!Ain't no party like a lawyer party!When most people go to parties, they drink, socialize and have fun. Lawyers do drink at their parties. But the rest of it? Not so much -- they're too busy betting their careers and suing each other for various things.What does happen at the party? Harvey (Gabriel Macht) wagers against Edward, the...



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