'Pretty Little Liars': 'I'm Your Puppet' sees Spencer playing games in Radley Sanitarium

Check out these all new pictures ABC Family has released for "Pretty Little Liars" penultimate Season 3 episode, titled "I'm Your Puppet. Spencer is locked up in Radley and seems to be doing OK -- she's putting together a puzzle, playing cards with the orderly, and spending a lot of time with the board game "Voyage," based on the pictures. We're intrigued by the game because PLL never does anything on accident and we can't find this particular board game using our mighty Google-fu, which leads us to believe it's a made-up board game for the PLL-verse. We can't wait to see what that's all about. Did Mona do something with the game while in Radley? Or Toby, when he visited her? Leave us your theories in the comments.PS -- We also like that Wren is there. Team Wrencer, y'all. Check out all the Season 3 pictures here."Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesday nights at 8...



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