'Walking Dead' recap Season 3 episode 11: 'I Ain't a Judas' - Andrea's bittersweet reunion

This week's "The Walking Dead" may not have pleased the adrenaline junkies in the fan base, but it delivered major thrills in the character department -- including Andrea's long-awaited reunion with the group and what could be a significant turn for the better in the Ricktatorship.In typical "Walking Dead" fashion, none of it went smoothly -- especially for Andrea -- but let's begin with Rick. After throwing Tyreese out in episode 9, and going totally off the range last week, he couldn't avoid facing the consequences of his actions this week."I put my family's life in your hands!" Hershel exclaimed while everyone was regrouping from the Governor's attack. "So get your head clear and do something!" Those sentiments were echoed, in a calmer but perhaps even more cutting fashion, by Carl just a few moments later. "You deserve a rest," Carl told his father in a man-to-man chat, proving not only how much Carl has...



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