The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “The One That Got Away”

For the final episode of "The Mindy Project" of the season- possibly ever- it was only appropriate that we have a bittersweet ending on the aptly-titled "The One That Got Away." It also makes perfect sense that we’d open the show with a rom-com clip by the masters: Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan. (The late writer/director Nora Ephron also earned a direct shout-out later in the show.)

Mindy’s titular one that got away was Sam, a boy she met at camp, after her parents reluctantly let her go- to one for Jewish kids.

Mindy: "When I was 13, my one dream in life was to go to sleep-away camp. My parents said no, because they were afraid I’d get molested, which is crazy, ‘cause I was not that cute a kid."


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