The New Normal Season 1 Review “Rocky Bye Baby” – Rocky Becomes a Mom

In this episode of The New Normal, "Rocky Bye Baby," we discover Rocky’s longstanding dream of having a child of her own. By the end of the episode, she’s adopted the little girl she’s always wanted. Strangely enough, though Bryan and David wanted to adopt the same girl earlier in the episode. This the beginning of my gripe with this episode.

The show’s conceit is two dads raising a child, correct? So when in the world are we going to see this kid born? The show doesn’t have to draw this pregnancy out as if it’s happening in real-time; let’s just get to the kid, because them actually raising the child is where the comedy is really going to be. The guy at the adoption center is right to say to David and Bryan that they just wait until they actually have their own child. Learn how to parent one kid, first, then think about adding on. I don’t understand their constant need to jump the gun on things. You won’t know how to be a parent until you are one. End of story.



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