Justified Season 4 Review “Outlaw”

Justified pulled off one of the most jaw dropping moments of the entire series last night. If you haven’t watched the episode, stop reading. We’re heading deep into spoiler territory.

Let’s just dive right in. Arlo is dead. It was unexpected, fast, and definitive. In an effort to sabotage Arlo’s deal with the government, Raylan visits Mosley in prison to offer him the same deal in exchange for the true identity of Drew Thompson. Mosley doesn’t agree, but instead decides to take out Arlo. Under the ruse of a haircut, a sedated Arlo is brought to the barber where Mosley is waiting. Unsurprising, Arlo leaps out of his chair in a completely unsedated state. Arlo was many things, but a fool wasn’t one of them. Arlo puts a mega beat-down on the prison guard and Mosley. It looks like Arlo will add a couple more murders to his rap sheet. But, Mosley isn’t dead and stabs Arlo in the chest with a pair of scissors – there is no doubt this is a fatal wound.



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