botox madness

I love the dancing on this show. This season's couples promise to be outstanding. But I'm seriously ready to stop watching, thanks to Mary Murphy's horrid screaming.

Her voice and mannerisms are so fake and overdone and irritating. It's like nails on blackboard detracting from all the beauty and grace of each dance.

And the Botox joke was over the top. Maybe someone could Botox her vocal cords to stop all the shrieking. The quality of the entire show would be so much improved!


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Jun 12, 2009 4:02PM EDT

I might not like it in person. It would hurt my ears, but she is who she is. I don't think it's fake. She is just a bit essentric. She is still an expert and a likable person, in my book, based on everything other than her screaming. It would be sad to deny yourself the beauty of the show just because of a quirk she has...mute it when she talks :) maybe that would help?

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