Suburgatory Season 1 Review “Leaving Chatswin”

Most relationships aren’t going to last. I apologize if I’m hurting the feelings of any 16-year-olds in my audience, but probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 99.9% of relationships will end with some whatever the e-version is of a Dear John letter (#sadface direct message, maybe?). However, just because that fact is acknowledged doesn’t mean the relationship won’t be a positive experience. Through dating different people we can learn a lot about who we are as person. On top of that, nothing beats getting relationship "reps" so we’re ready when the real thing comes along. Acknowledging a relationship isn’t built to last is a tough thing to recognize. Tougher still is not allowing that knowledge dissuade you from continuing the relationship. On Suburgatory, it’s fairly obvious that Tessa and Ryan are not going to spend the rest of their lives together. That being said, they are exactly what each other need right now.


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