Chicago Fire Season 1 Review “Better to Lie” – Chief Boden’s Secret

So, how about that bombshell we got about Chief Boden during Chicago Fire‘s "Better to Lie?" I certainly wasn’t expecting that. But before I get into everything, I just have to say that my dad, Chief Jones is not only away evaluating lieutenant and captain candidates, but he’s also sick with a bad cold, so at the time of me writing this, he’s out cold from medicine. So, I say all of that to say that there’s not really going to be a fact-checking segment. I’m so sorry!

Anyway, let’s discuss the three big storylines this episode:

Chief Boden’s secret: I am hoping some of those allegations about Boden sleeping with Mills’ wife are unfounded. But, judging from the vibe I keep getting from Mrs. Wills and Boden, Mr. Severide is probably right on the money. Sigh. Great, now my trust in Boden as Chief is getting questioned. I mean, committing infidelity doesn’t make you a bad chief, but, the moral implications are a little bit hard to swallow, especially for a guy like Boden. I knew he had some secrets, but I didn’t know one of those secrets involved probably being to blame for Mills’ dad’s death. No wonder Boden went ballistic on Mills when it came to Mills’ personal life mixing with his work life. He doesn’t want Mills to fall in the same boat he did. Another thought–you don’t think Mills is Boden’s son or something, do you? Bodensure keeps acting all fatherly to Mills. I’m getting scared now.


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