The Americans Season 1 Review “COMINT”

On this week’s intense episode of "The Americans,"- somewhat bafflingly entitled "COMINT" (please sound off below if you got the reference), Phil and Liz had their hands full yet again. Of course, they always seem to, but there was a lot of stuff going on, to be sure. We started with a buttoned-down Liz posing as Frances, a representative of Videotech Security. I liked her insistence on mark Adam Dorwin’s checking her credentials out more closely, just to drive her identity home that much further.

Dorwin, a sad-sack widower and the manager of Laser Operations for the company, answered a number of questions designed to get Liz a step closer to identifying the encryption codes from the FBI that the head of security of Videotech is using. Dorwin proved an easy-enough mark for the likes of Liz, though he was, by his own admission, tight-lipped about his job, having not even told his wife about it when they were married, much less had he been with anyone else since she died. So, not as much information as she hoped, though she did get a security code, at least.



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