The end of the last series was awesome and i thought it would be the end of scrubs but no they had to carry it on.

I used to be a really big scrubs fan, i've watched it all the way through as it was playing and i think i have seen almost every episode at least 10 times and no, im not exaggerating. But ever since the new series (series 9) has come out i've not watched it all the time and to be honest i find it pretty boring. There is nothing really going on and how come JD and Elliot are never in the same episode together and i don't think i have seen Carla once this series. the interns are pretty boring and i have found myself not wanting to watch the next episode but keeping true to my fandom i carried on watching.

It has gone downhill recently and i just hope that they either get their act together or give up on it.


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