Switched at Birth Review: "Tight Rope Walker"

Bay and Daphne were once again at the center of conflict in "Tight Rope Walker." Bay's concern about Regina manifested in her belief that her birth mother had returned to drinking and Daphne was torn between her loyalty to Carlton and her commitment to her mother and the school play as Melody discovered new plans ahead for Carlton.

I realize I'm coming at this from a hearing perspective, but that's all I have. I can hear and I totally disagree with Melody. The cold hard facts of life are that we all have to coexist. While she's busy bitching about the hearing program, the one thing she's missing is the opportunity for the deaf to make the rules the hearing students must follow. Sure, the hearing kids will be there, just like they will be there in life, for the rest of everyone's lives. Unless the deaf and hearing start isolating themselves on islands like lepers, living together is the option. Read More...



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Jun 8, 2013 7:40PM EDT

ok I don't like the school board's decision being totally based on $ and not on what is best for the students. the fact that the board can find $ for the hearing students but cut programs for the non hearing speaks volumes . why should there not be a school for the deaf and the deaf only and if hearing kids who want to come should be paying foreign student type fee. Carlton is a private school which means it is not getting funding from the Gov't. Melody and Travis and all deaf students should have a safe place to grow before being forced to go out into the hearing world. I am hearing person who choose to take sign language because I wanted to be able to communicate in another language. I am sure cochlear implants will be another debate for next season? I"m glad the show is showing both sides to the argument.

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