omg I totally love the CW

when I was younger and had no cable it was my fav channel. And now that i am in brazil without it I am so glad there is side reel. and my goodness CW has pulled out another great show. I am loving this life unexpected. The first episode is funny, thought out, and all around awsomeness. I love that they didn't just auto jump into it and had to have a shock moment. I sure hope it keeps it up throughout the seasons.


Default avatar cat
Feb 9, 2010 11:19AM EST

I, too, loved the first episode. Which is why I'm so very disappointed by how the next three episodes turned out. So very "Seventh Heaven" in how, in the minor course of an episode, an oh so serious conflict is created and then miraculously solved in the last five minutes; usually because, whatever the problem was, everybody realizes: Hey, we are a family - and we love each other so much.I had high hopes fore this show but it doesn't look like they've got the guts to tackle some actual problems and try and confront them over more than one episode.

Feb 17, 2010 7:46PM EST

I'm hopeing more of her school times come into a factor and they pull together the boyfriend of lex and the husband of her mom into the show more. I really like them both but they seem to be shoved into the background to much. I thought it would be more dynamic in the way of society and how it would effect them as a orphan whos found her parent... rather then only the three of them and some society thrown in to give that drama needed to play into the "but we're a family" ending that is getting old quite fast.
On a side note you should check out the frosty heidi and frank show they do a podcast and are on the radio again. I swear this show is totally like franks life he had a daughter that found him and all that. its totally crazy how similar it all is.

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