'Castle' recap: Deadly daddy issues come to light in 'Hunt'

Only on a show like "Castle" would parental love be expressed via a high body count.But it was love that motivated the rescue of Alexis (Molly Quinn) in "Hunt," the second episode of this two-part story of kidnapping and long-lost family. In the end, the day was saved, and Castle (Nathan Fillion) even got an odd but touching reunion with the father he never knew he had.In case you forgotThe first part of this story focused on the kidnapping of Alexis and her college friend, Sara El-Masri. Since Sara's parents were rich and powerful Egyptians with lots of enemies, it was assumed that Alexis was taken solely out of convenience.From here, things got weird quickly. The girls weren't where the FBI expected them to be. The initial kidnapper turned up tortured. Alexis tried to escape, only to find herself on a Paris rooftop.RansomAs "Hunt" begins, the NYPD and FBI finally receive a ransom demand...



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