'Bones': How does the new squintern in 'The Fact in the Fiction' compare?

Dr. Oliver Wells (Brian Klugman) arrived in "The Fact in the Fiction" to be the newest squintern rotating through the crime-fighting world of "Bones." But how does Wells measure up against his competition? Using standards of education, social skills and sheer entertainment value, EducationDr. Wells is easily one of the best-educated of the squinterns. Like Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd), Wells has a PhD. On top of this, he has a whole pile of Masters degrees.Without doctorates of their own, the others don't have a chance.IntelligenceYou need to be smart in order to finish all of those degrees in a reasonable amount of time. Since most of the other squinterns have but one field of study, Wells -- with his widely varied advanced degrees (Law? Seriously?) -- totally wins there.On the other hand, this might just be an inability to focus. There's a good chance that Wells can't compete with the "Jeopardy"-winning former squintern, Vincent...



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