Pretty Little Liars Review: Off the Deep End

After a few weeks of so-so episodes (last week's being the most frustrating), I anticipated some real action this week. Especially with all the great promos.

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind" delivered the action, but it also brought the crazy. I mean certifiably crazy.

The increase in intensity and drama, which will hopefully propel the story forward, was very much appreciated after wading through one tepid episode after another. However, wasn't this a bit much? Will we look back later on and think of this episode as the one that "jumped the shark"?

Spencer's decision to finally open up about the Toby problem was way overdue, and I was surprised they weren't more upset about it. Instead, they were sympathetic to her situation because it is pretty awful to find out that the person you loved most was just faking it to mask his blinding hatred for you and your closet friends. And how does Spencer respond to their delicate treatment?

No surprise here; she continues being awful. Naturally, Emily has some trouble accepting that her once close friend could be A. Of course, Spencer has been there and done that; yet, she has no tolerance for Emily's false hope, even laughing in her face. Perhaps she was even speaking directly to Spoby fans when she said, "You need to stop thinking about Toby as the person that you thought you knew and start looking at him for who he really is." But Emily has a good heart and needs to hear this from Toby directly. Read More...


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