Cult Review: True Believers

Week two of Cult was much less confusing than the show's pilot, thanks in part to there being less back and forth between the show within the show and the "real" world. I'm sure this being the second episode and viewers knowing what to expect probably had something to do with the lack of confusion, too, but that's way less fun a reason.

I was glad that "In the Blood" felt grounded in the "real" world and Jeff's search for Nate. That, to me, is the central storyline of the series, at least at this moment. Tonight definitely opened up more avenues for the story to develop.

Jeff and Skye got one step closer to finding Nate thanks to Jeff's coworker EJ, who was none to happy to find Skye working with him, and we also learned who might be the leader of the True Believers.

EJ located an area from which Nate's last phone call most likely came and Skye believed the call to have come from inside a kid's bounce house. She was right. They were able to see that as of the night before, Nate was still alive. And he was with late Miriam's husband. Miriam's husband who swore that his wife never watched the show. 

The same man who lip-locked with Detective Sakelik during his wife's funeral.

Okay, so maybe lip-lock is a little bit of an overstatement. But he definitely left his wife's memorial service to deliver something to Detective Sakelik and get a smooch from the bad cop after being told that his wife's suicide had thrown "them." Them being the True Believers.

The True Believers later took Miriam's husband out by burning his house down, but not before they could strip his wallpaper where he'd written the same kinds of notes that Nate had written in his notebook. And not before Miriam's husband could utter the key phrase of the True Believers: "Well hey, these things just snap right off." Read More...


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