Justified Review: Franchise Player

There was a lot to love about "Outlaw."  The trials and tribulations that Raylan was put through, the schemes that Boyd put together, and their chemistry together in that one epic scene washed the bad taste from "Money Trap" right out of my mouth.

Even better than all of that was the fact that I have come to a conclusion on who I think Drew Thompson is.  I don't know who else has already said it, or even how many people have been championing the idea for weeks, but at some point during this episode, I decided that Shelby is Drew Thompson.

His interest in the Drew discussion, and particularly the attractiveness of the psychic widow, seemed to be their way of dropping the hint.  He seems about the right age, and I for one would love Drew Thompson to end up being someone we know.  The fact that he's been in town concealing his identity all of this time would make it much less interesting if he was just some random guy we've never met before.

Anyway, no matter who ends up being Drew Thompson, the wait to find him has only peaked my interest more.  For how long the search has been going on, it really doesn't feel like they have dragged it out at all.  They continue to find new and interesting ways to make the search feel fresh. Read More...



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