NCIS Review: 101 Uses for a Dead Mole

Tonight's "Ducky and Palmer show" was a welcome change from the usual NCIS storyline.  They were forced to take a slight "Detour" when the accomplices of the dead Navy mole kidnapped them in an effort to try and figure out where he hid a USB thumb drive which contained sensitive information.  (We have no idea what it contained, just that it was likely some sort of military secret).  Ducky employed his knowledge of corpses to figure out a plan of escape and, after Palmer shot one of the spies in self defense (only to find out he was wearing a bullet-proof vest), they were rescued by Gibbs, Tony, Ziva and McGee.

I expected to be bored with this story's plot, but found myself intrigued instead.  The idea of the two medical experts using their expertise to foil their kidnappers was inventive and different.  Using the gastric acid from the corpse's stomach to burn through their leg irons was smart (I wouldn't have thought of it), as was their plan to escape the kidnappers by placing a cigarette butt with gauze in an oven in order to produce an explosion.  I have no idea how the latter idea was supposed to work, but have to imagine some other body fluid from the corpse was key to that as well. This episode was pretty much a MacGyver entry almost all the way through:  emptying the corpse's heinous stomach contents in order to clear the room so that Ducky and Palmer could hatch their plan was brilliant, as was the re-engineering of the corpse's hearing aid to create a sort of microphone which was used to listen in on the spies' plans. Read More...


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