New Girl Review: Save Me

Who are any of us, really? I mean, really? And how good are we at judging what we want? I'm not trying to channel that girl from your freshman dorm who smelled like trail mix and bongwater here; I'm simply pondering the questions that "TinFinity" stirred up inside me.

Ever since The Kiss shook up the New Girl-iverse, the show has become a study in how people deal with the difference between what they want, and what they think they should want. And tonight's episode turned that study into a master class.

From Jess's belief that a manly pro football player (played with delightful screwiness by Shameless's Steve Howey) would keep her from having to really think through how kissing non-manly Nick made her feel; to Cece's thinking that agreeing to a marriage proposal from a guy she barely knew would make her feel like a stable adult; to Nick's certainty that buying a port-a-potty that looked like it was used in the filming of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre made him a small business owner, everyone made assumptions about what they needed to be happy. Read More...

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