White Collar Review: Forging Bonds

White Collar is ever "The Original," but this week it got to head back to its roots a little bit when Neal and Peter investigated a sculpture forgery.

Jeff Blatchnik (or should we call him Bellamier?) was no match for Neal Caffrey. Though don't us Collars know there are very few people who are, if any at all. It always amazes me that Neal's talents span across multiple artistic disciplines, and I never tire of being reminded---especially when that reminder entails that white wife beater!

But I think the real focal point of the episode was the introduction of Amanda Calloway, who came in to replace Hughes, who was sent into premature retirement after Neal and Peter couldn't successfully charge a certain Senator of any wrongdoing in "Brass Tacks."

This chick was shady to say the least. Now our suspicions have only been confirmed, if that call Calloway made at the end of the episode is any indication, she clearly has ties to Pratt.

Of course this means there's now a second team in the race for Ellen's box. But I have to wonder what Calloway is going to get out of the whole thing? How is she wrapped up in all of this? Maybe it's not even important, but when you insert a character almost out of nowhere with questionable ties, one has to wonder what their motives might be. I mean, she was transferred all the way from Atlanta. How random is that? Read More...



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