The Lying Game Review: Runaway Bride

After last week's shocking ending, it should come as no surprise that Theresa was a no show at her wedding. The real question on "Bride and Go Seek" was did she run or did someone take her?

I think we're all betting on that latter one. As Dan pointed out when he read Theresa's vows to Ethan, the vows didn't seem written by a person who couldn't commit.

Even though the whole town may think that Dan is in denial and has gone off his rocker, everyone involved with the twins mystery knows better. Theresa got too involved in solving the Derek Roger's murder and someone went after her. Whoever did it was really damn thorough too, cleaning out her apartment, car, and leaving the ring. 

I know I used the term "whoever" because even though the ending brought us to Ted at Derek's grave facing Emma who found his missing hospital badge, it still doesn't all add up. Or does it? Is it too easy to assume that Ted wanted to protect the secret so first he bribed Derek and then he attacked Theresa? Also doesn't Ted not even know there is a twin? Read More...


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