Justified Recap: There’s Always a Place for Boyd at the Dairy Queen

Had there been complaints that the season hadn't been bloody enough? I've been very much enjoying things, but I know that's often a complaint about serial dramas with a violent edge, that the middle of their seasons don't feel action-y enough. Well, if anyone HAD been making that complaint about Justified, this episode is here to scream in their face, all "OKAY?! THIS GOOD ENOUGH?!" The bodies are hitting the floor in rapid succession.

Let's start with Boyd, who finds himself under the thumb of the people who Shelby later refers to as the "Clover Hills swells." Good enough for me. The swells want him to murder Frank Browning for them, as you'll recall, and they're incredibly condescending/threatening to Boyd about it. So Boyd does his Boyd thing and approaches Frank with a chance to best the other guys' offer and partner up. But Frank is an ornery sort, and he forces Boyd to leave at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Wynn Duffy shows up with news that Detroit is very unhappy that he's dicking around rather than finding Drew Thompson for them. Wynn has reason to be concerned, since Theo Tonin has gotten impatient enough that he's ready to scorch the earth and have both Wynn and Boyd taken out. Seems Theo is sending down a man who "has killed more people than malaria." So basically, Boyd now has a ticking clock on him to kill Frank and find Drew. How will he ever reconcile those two tasks?

So, yeah, obviously, Boyd tells Wynn to tell Malaria Man (at least I think the assassin posing as the cop is Malaria Man; I suppose he could just be a Tonin stooge and Malaria Man is still to come) that he's narrowed Drew down to one of two guys. So Malaria Man, dressed up like a cop, tracks down Frank and then later Clover Hill swinger Sam Keener. He kills them both in brutally blunt fashion. Which certainly helps Boyd out. Wynn only finds out later, from Johnny, that neither one of those guys could be Drew Thompson. So (1) he's been fucked by Boyd, (2) Theo is gonna be EVEN MORE PISSED if he finds out, (3) Drew Thompson is still out there, and (4) Wynn informs Johnny that Boyd is as good as dead, and Johnny will be the one who has to find Drew now. Read More..



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