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Let me begin this review with full disclosure: I was alarmingly excited about this show and, going in, there was little-to-no possibility I would dislike it.

That said, I thought it was AWESOME.

Nathan Fillion is one of my favorite people on television. Ever. (And not just because I'm a die-hard Whedonite.) His range is far greater than most American actors nowadays. He has the ability to be insightful, comic (both verbally and physically), charming, attractive, badass, and incredibly annoying. Richard Castle is character gold for Nathan Fillion, and a supreme delight to watch for everyone else.

Fillion's opposite number Stana Katic is not particularly well-known, but I think she will do well in this show. I've been waiting for her to get a good role ever since her short stint on Heroes as Hana Gitelman, and I think she's found in it Kate Beckett. I think ads portrayed the character as a bit more hardxcore than she really is, but the more complex and less serious actuality is, in my opinion, far more likely to be interesting.

Castle is a procedural. And there are a lot of those. BUT, Castle is a new angle on the procedural. It's not a crime show about the science or the law of murder and crime. It's about the story and the reason behind murder. And, let's be honest, that's bound to be much more interesting and entertaining than watching the same fingerprint recognition software run over and over again. (Don't get me wrong, I love procedurals a la CSI.)

Maybe this show will sink, maybe not. ABC has not had the best track record as far as shows I want to watch staying on the air (I'm looking at you, Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies). But hopefully the humor, dynamic, and lead actor chemistry will keep Castle around.

I enjoyed the pilot and am very much looking forward to more.



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Mar 10, 2009 3:02PM EDT

I agree, it was surprisingly good - and that's coming from one who had (very) low expectations going in. But lets see how the next episodes turn out :)

Mar 10, 2009 3:09PM EDT

Oh I truely loved it--the chemistry between the lead 2 actors was awesome and I so totally love Nathan Fillion--you're right is so well rounded as an actor, he ran through a bunch of stuff last night, cute, sexy, funny, serious, you name it, I hope this one makes it cause I miss Eli something fierce!!!

Large newrachelimage
Mar 10, 2009 3:41PM EDT

Thanks for the review, Kouou! It's great to have you on board!I am not quite as enthusiastic as you - but I appreciate your enthusiasm! As you say, the show is still a procedural...and though I agree it has a quirky spin, I still question its staying power and ability to remain interesting and differentiate itself from all the rest of 'em.I found myself bored and not caring about the details of the actual murder case at hand. And...I honestly didn't realize during the previews that the copy-catting of Castle's books was only a set-up for the two to work together...and that this wasn't a continuing thing. If it's just going to be standard murder cases, that also leaves me a little worried...That being said, I agree with you that Fillion is an excellent and charming lead and if anyone can carry a show that is lacking in other areas, I think it's him. I thoroughly enjoyed his scenes - and he definitely gave me a few laughs.I've also read that the second episode is an improvement upon the first, so I am definitely willing to keep tuning in. But I'm not a super-fan just yet...!

Default avatar cat
Mar 10, 2009 3:57PM EDT

i really liked the pilot episode of Castle! i was, too, extremely anticipating this premiere and i will watch every episode until they cancel it. hahaha. no really, i hope it succeeds. it's got a great time slot right after dancing with the stars. that has got to help :)
Nathan Fillion is also one of my favorite tv actors who has jumped from thing to thing ever since firefly. if castle lasts more than its start-up season then i will be proud. i think they casted the show beautifully - i mean both nathan and stana are beautiful!
i hope that the show can stay away from the csi/law and order shtick and find a new way to tell us about murder mysteries. i love the novel influence!
i'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

Mar 11, 2009 4:09PM EDT

loved the show cant wait for episode 2 to see how this pans out one thing i really liked about the show not a lot of blood and guts shown or bad language used and its nice to see he gets on with his daughter although that may not last hope this one lasts a long time

Default avatar cat
Mar 12, 2009 6:39PM EDT

Got to say i think the show is great, and Nathon Fillion is just a great actor, as it has been said he has a great range. Just being able to see him on tv doing his style of acting is good news, lets hope the show can punch forward, maybe some of his firefly alumni can show up too :)

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