'American Idol' Top 20 women: Zoanette Johnson over Jett Hermano, what is happening?

It's time for the second half of the "American Idol" Top 20 women. Last week, there were a handful of killer performances -- can this week live up? Once again, we've previously seen about half of the women performing. It's a good thing the public isn't voting yet, half of them wouldn't stand a chance. 1. Melinda Ademi, "Nobody's Perfect," Jessie JThis is the same song Angela Miller did last week, but it's barely recognizable this go-round. The verse is way too low, her voice is inaudible in parts and muddy when you can hear it. Not a great key for her. The chorus gets better, but this still isn't showing off her voice at all and it's all very lackluster. Keith Urban is strangely complimentary. We found that to be a pretty big dud. Nicki points out how it's hard not to compare her to Angela from last week, which is true. Angela was...



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