Chicago Fire Review: Lie To Me

"Better to Lie" dips into the past tonight as Shay makes a big decision, Benny Severide confesses a secret, and Hermann gets to the bottom of the box.

Shay’s decision to have a baby all alone is a little impulsive to say the least, and she’s not exactly in the right frame of mind. Yet everyone but Dawson is onboard or noncommittal to Shay’s decision. Support and love is one thing after a relationship ends, but supporting potentially poor decisions without voicing opposing thoughts is another.

What’s worrying is how Shay deals with the Clarice aftermath because she might make a decision to have the baby now, but, like the dragon tattoo, she could have a complete change of heart and things may be too late to change it.

Kelly’s father, Benny, is back in the picture, and he brings quite the loaded history with him. Treat Williams is proving to be a wonderful match for the cast, and Benny expands the scope of the characters back into the past. Benny brings plot elements with him that didn’t necessarily have strong ties to anything but Boden’s distant memories into completely different contexts. Read More...


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