Nashville Recap: Dog Days Are Here

Last night’s episode could’ve been called “Checking in With Little-Used Cast Mates Whose Contracts You Thought We Had Voided.” Look, there’s Coleman! And Lamar! And Rayna’s sister! And, in unrelated news, an assortment of your favorite country music stars of the past! (More on them later.)

So it’s Deacon’s (unspecified age) birthday. And Juliette gets it in her head that she wants to throw him a surprise party at the Bluebird, although multiple people inform her that he doesn’t like parties and, in fact, has a proud birthday tradition of staying home and brooding and watching Old Yeller. (That movie is almost a little too much on the “Deacon is both sad and sensitive” tip — but a funny recurring joke all the same.) Read More...


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